"It is easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has worked out in your favor."
- Tyrion Lannister

"Lannister. Baratheon. Stark. Tyrell. They're all just spokes on a wheel. This one's on top, then that's ones on top and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground. I'm not going to stop the wheel. I'm going to break the wheel."

- Daenerys Targaryen

"The Lord of Light wants his enemies burned. The Drowned God wants them drowned. Why are all the gods such vicious cunts? Where's the God of Tits and Wine?"

- Tyrion Lannister

"The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace. They never are."

- Jorah Mormont

"These bad people are what I'm good at. Out talking them. Out thinking them."

- Tyrion Lannister

"What happened? I think fundamentals were trumped by mechanics and, to a lesser extent, by demographics."

- Michael Barone

"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to."
- Dorothy Parker

Monday, September 13, 2004

I went to Marjane Satrapi's book reading tonight and the bookstore was packed. Definitely see her if you get a chance. Here are the remaining dates. She has perfect comic timing in her delivery and kept a straight face after some of her best lines which made her unbelievably charming. She talked a bit and then fielded a number of questions which, per usual, were mostly dumb ass questions combined with mini-monologues. Satrapi was so enthusiastic, though, that it was infectious. She was pissed about Bush's inclusion of Iran in the "Axis of Evil" even though her books are searing indictments of the religious stupidities that have been running amok in Iran since 1979. She bemoaned the stereotyping of Arabs and Iranians. Satrapi said she couldn't believe how Cheney said that if Kerry was elected we'd risk another attack and how journalists didn't make more of it. I was actually contemplating voting for Bush because of the war on Islamic Fascism even though most of his policies are reactionary and his gang wants to turn back the clock to the 19th Century. Now I hope the electorate tells Cheney to piss off and elects Kerry just to spite him. Asked about other graphic novelists, she said she liked the ones always mentioned: Art Spiegleman, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, and Joe Sacco. I did what I haven't done in a long while and got a book signed. She seemed very willing to chat with people, so I asked her about her experience of being the interpreter for Shirin Ebadi, when Ebadi came to Europe to accept the Noble Peace Prize last year. Without thinking, I added Ebadi seemed tough. Satrapi said yes she's tough but added Ebadi's "very soft too." Satrapi is a member of some human rights organization which was how she got the gig, she told me. I was impressed with how Satrapi is such an internationalist. In response to a question from the audience about living in France she said it was if she were a guy and Iran was her mother and France her wife. Your mother can be crazy, etc., but you'll still love her while your wife you love, but can divorce, etc. And she made the point, very obvious yet very true, about how pictures are universal and no matter your nationality everyone gets sad about the same things. Different peoples have different senses of humor, just like some jokes resonate more in the city versus the country and vice versa, but some kinds of humor conveyed by pictures everyone gets regardless of where you live on the globe.